"If you build it, they will come"

Field of Dreams, 1989

About Us

Currently, there is a wide gap between talented developers/creators and efficient community builders. This gap can leave good ideas lost in a crowd of slick marketing and established communities. Platforms is a group of hardworking community builders. We curate and build a community while project owners focus on their platform.

  • Benefits of Community Building

    Traditional advertising simply brings users to products. In the constantly evolving and public world of blockchains, this results in a high and constant spend to maintain engagement.

    Building a community creates a team of supporters for the platform. Instead of simply using a platform, communities engage with new comers, share information about the platform, and actively recruit newcomers.

    The end result is organic, sustainable, grassroots growth. By feeling welcomed and heard, communities boisterously support their platforms with constant feedback and promotion.

    Building communities is vastly superior to simply attracting customers.

  • What Platforms Provides

    • Community creation and growth
    • Talent recruitment from within the community
    • Project launches

    Our tried and true methods of community building enables creators to create instead of building communities. Through open engagement, talent within the community is identified and promoted. By engaging Platforms pre-launch, it is possible for a project to have a vibrant, supportive community on launch day.

  • How Platforms Achieves

    • SMT asset creation
    • Graphic and website design
    • Blog authoring and publishing
    • Discord servers and active moderators
    • Giveaways and contests

    Platforms will initially provide these functions directly with a goal of turning management over to the project owner's strengthened community.

Cost of Using Platforms

Platforms' revenue and profits will be made from an early stake in other platforms/services/people. This dramatically reduces the need for upfront expenses from project owners and ties the success of Platforms to the success of projects. There will be different pricing models for you to "buy in" on what Platforms offers.

  • Fee Based - An agreed upon amount - you get a Discord set-up / built community (people will go to your discord), contests and giveaways (with prizes for your own asset or Platforms' asset)

  • Stake Based - You buy our asset Platform Token (% to be agreed on) , or you have your own asset that you give us, or we can make the asset for you and give us an early stake.
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The goal is to allow you to focus on your platform and not worry about a community to be built around it. Platforms does this for you.

MoonBot (@moonbot)

MoonBot is a Subscription Bot. Upvotes for 31 days in a 24 hr Period Your Blog Post!


DPorn (@dporn)

A Decentralized Porn Platform • NSFW - Not Safe for Work


Steem Verify (@steemverify)

Authenticate your account! Authenticate Privately & Your details and photos stay off the blockchain


Platforms (@platforms)



Platforms Partners


The Distributed Social Media and Business Platform

Ezira will enable everyone to share information and value freely.



The Atlas Project (@project-atlas)

Promoting Crypto related product/projects and blockchain technology to the world at large

Freelancing services or media promotions on steemit through the working Atlas crowd community.



The Steem House (@thesteemhouse)

An Incubator for creativity and entrepreneurship!

A real-world makerspace centered around S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Math) and STEEM.



Platforms Earnings And How We Distribute Earnings

  • How We Make Money

    How We Make Money

    We make money when we undertake projects to build a community and find workers. We also gain from upvotes on our posts that are shared on the Steem blockchain.
    We share this income with the token holders and with others depending on their level of involvement.

  • Investors


    This is the biggest avenue to receive payments from us. If you are a token holder, you will get paid

    • 40 % of what we make when we take on projects
    • 10 % of the Steem dollars earned from posts on the Steem blockchain
    • All payments for Investors will be done in STEEM at the end of the month except for token payments, which will be done on Bitshares.

    If you are interested in investing and increasing your share you can purchase tokens through here :

  • Writers


    We love to share posts about new projects on Steemit and elsewhere on the Steem blockchain and we also love making money from these posts. When you write for us we pay you

    • 10% of what we make on a post in SBD or
    • A predetermined amount
  • Team Members

    Team Members

    The team members of Platforms earn in these ways

    • 40% from projects
    • 30% from Steemit posts
  • Operational Needs

    Operational Needs

    The remaining funds from our projects and posts are used to take care of internal expenses and powering up.

    • 20% from projects
    • 50% from posts


chartPayout from Platforms Author Rewards

The pie chart above shows graphically how the profit from projects are distributed.

Platforms gives you the opportunity to earn when we take on projects and when we release posts. Holding PLATFORMS token is the most lucrative way to earn with us; earning 40% from all projects and 10% from all posts, paid out in STEEM at the end of the month. Writers will also earn 10% of the SBD earnings from posts, or a predetermined amount.


Get More With Platforms

The PLATFORMS token is a user issued asset on bitshares. By holding PLATFORMS, everyone has a chance to be a part of the many communities we support. Going forward, 40% of all Platforms income will be shared proportionately with holders of the PLATFORMS token. This is in addition to the token-gaining benefit we announced previously.

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Benefits of Owning PLATFORMS

In summary, benefits of owning PLATFORMS :

  • 40% of all Platforms income
  • A share of tokens from select projects
  • Early access to our upcoming launches
  • Get to know for all projects and be able to be their early investor before price rises
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Where do PLATFORMS come from?

Platforms will issue a maximum of 10,000 PLATFORMS each month.

Our goal is to dedicate 5,000 PLATFORMS per month for giveaways, pay leadership 400 PLATFORMS each per month, and pay discord moderators 200 PLATFORMS each per month. At the current amount of leaders and moderators, we will be issuing 7,200 PLATFORMS a month.

Because the platforms bitshares account currently holds more than 50,000 PLATFORMS, we won't be issuing any more platforms for the next 5 months.

If @platforms needs to raise funds, we will sell the unissued platforms of the month. For example, if we needs to raise funds, to calculate how many can be sold we use this formula: 10,000 - (TOTAL PLATFORMS ISSUED IN THE MONTH) = Amount to be sold.

If Platforms has need for more than 10,000 tokens in the month, additional tokens will be purchased on the market. Existing sell orders will have priority and be filled first. If there are no existing sell orders, a higher buy offer will be submitted.

How can I buy PLATFORMS tokens?

PLATFORMS are a user issued asset on the bitshares dex. They can be found here:

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Enter your bitshares ID to claim 1 free PLATFORMS token

will be sent on the last week of the month. Only one claim per user/computer per month.